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I love writing and have done all my life. 

Words make sentences and sentences make stories and stories take you on a journey to places and times you would never be able to go to without – words.

Extracts from my book will be shared in this space.

Ideas for future books and blogs too.


Friday 24th July-

"Jane, a thirty-something English woman, recovering from the grief of losing her husband to cancer, decides to take a 6-month trip to Cape Cod to rediscover who she really is and what she wants from life. In a totally un-Jane way, she chose the town of Oakham by sticking a pin in a map. There she discovers a new world and makes wonderful friends. She is confronted with an unexpected romance which transforms her from a place of unhappiness to the endless possibilities of life with a new man on a new continent." 

Extract from Chapter 7


Friday 27th March- 

In these uncertain times I have been finding it hard to be creative. My mind has been filled with the anxieties of this world, with worry for my family and friends whom I desperately miss. I am finding myself easily distracted, mildly irritable and slightly miserable.

So I have removed myself from the blank screen and empty page, the flashing curser and endless editing, to sit in the garden. And on the advice of my wonderful supportive editor Sian @sianelin40 I am soaking up the sunshine, arms and legs, skin absorbing vital Vitamin D. 

The faint trickle of the water feature and the absence of cars in the lane add to my sense of peace.

A blackbird is singing his heart out. Yellow daffodils bob in the slight breeze. My heart rate is slowing, and my pencil is flying across the page.

I am writing.

Tuesday 17th November-

Tomorrow we leave for Dublin.

"Ciara sighed as she looked out on the landscape of County Mayo she had known all her life and loved with all her heart. It was September. The summer had been warm and damp, but the air today smelt crisp with a hint of autumn. The scene before her was rich with leaves of gold, copper and emerald and yet the 4 acres that stretched beyond her grassy mound had yielded only green, bitter and inedible potatoes."

Extract from a new story I am writing as part of a historical writing course with Curtis Brown Creative. Set in Ireland in 1847 during the potato famine it follows the life of Ciara and her husband Fionn.

I’m excited to embark on this new challenge.

I am writing.


Tuesday 21st July -

Editing is progressing well thanks to all the help and advice from the wonderful Sian-Elin - especially with regards to my ability (or lack of) in the grammar and punctuation department. 

It's a slow process that takes time and concentration, but it is so worth it. The text which is emerging is concise and the dialogue flows beautifully. I am excited to see the finished manuscript. 

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