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Blog 8: Top tips for surviving January

January can be a tough month – this year has been no exception – the snow to start with! What’s with all the white stuff? Excellent if you are under the age of 10 and off school as a result, but any well-respecting adult only likes the sight of snow on a Christmas card or through the living room window when a log fire is burning and there is a decent film on TV (or catch-up – you choose!) unless of course you are a skier in which case – go to Europe and sky their slopes! At least they know how to handle the stuff; not like in the UK where 0.5 inches of white fluffy precipitation causes chaos and mayhem! But I digress!

So – let’s talk about how to survive this dark and dreary month with my top 5 tips:

  1. Comfort blanket

  2. Comfort food

  3. Make some new year resolutions

  4. Fill the house with spring flowers

  5. Fly south for some sunshine

I have to say that some of the above might contradict each other – as in eating comfort food (which by its nature tends to be fattening – well it is in my case!) and making new year resolutions which probably (as in my case!) involve losing weight – but I blame the cold and snow for addling my brain – bear with!

1. Comfort blanket: Mr B excelled himself with this year’s wedding anniversary present back in November, (after some hints - come on girls - they all need hints!) when he bought me the most wonderful comfort blanket - a cashmere shawl from a Scottish company ( It's navy and soft and warm and so luxurious and I wear it on each and every opportunity and boy have we had some of those this winter! It works on flights (see No.5) and it works when lounging on the sofa as well as when I have to venture out in the white stuff. I love it! Well done Mr B xx

2. Comfort food: I am the first to the table where comfort food is concerned! Beef Stew, Chicken stew – well any kind of stew really, especially if it comes with warm bread rolls and some butter (and a spoon!) Mac ‘n Cheese fills the spot nicely and don’t get me started on puddings!! Mr B is not a fan of comfort food per se, but I love homemade rice pudding where the outside has caramelised, and you need a strong hand and sharp spoon to get it off the bowl – mmmmmmnnnn delicious! BUT – comfort food should come with a health warning as it can (and will!) add inches to your waist and pounds to your weight – you have been warned! What’s your go to food on a grey January afternoon?

3. Make some new year resolutions: now I know it's a pagan tradition to make new year resolutions, but they do have their place. New year is a time to take stock on life, get rid of the toxic situations and "friendships" and to signal in a more a positive, productive and encouraging environment that allows each of us to be the best version of who we are! And I'm all for that. Now I'm not talking about joining a gym (heaven forbid!) nor climbing Kilimanjaro (but you never know - it is on the bucket list) I'm talking about little changes, improvements on a day-to-day basis; being grateful, being kind, showing appreciation. What do you think?!

I’ve bought this beautiful journal (Dailygreatness Wellness Journal: A holistic guide to Health, Wellness & Vitality) and I am going to start using it from 1st February – I will keep you posted as to the results! Here goes!

4. Fill the house with spring flowers: I love, love, love daffodils and tulips and Hyacinths and all spring flowers. So as soon as they appear in the local florist – I’m there, much to Mr B’s consternation! But the beauty and the colours and the fragrance (particularly of Hyacinths) is a joy to behold and will cheer up any grey, damp, cold January day. The beautiful tulips are from an Instagram friend – maureen_morshuis and thank you for letting me post the shot!

The daffodils are mine!

5. Fly south for some sunshine: That’s what Mr b and I did on January 4th for 10 days – Barbados lived up to previous expectations and a good time was had by all.

So, January (by the time you read this) is nearly over and February looms on the horizon. I noticed this afternoon that it was almost 4:30pm and still light. My window boxes are showing the first green shoots of the miniature daffs I planted way back in October. I hung washing on the line for an hour this afternoon to catch the breeze. All of these are small signs that spring is just around the corner.

Saying that – it will probably snow tomorrow!

Ah well – hope your January hasn’t been too tough and remember – comfort food is GOOD!

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