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Blog 6: My top 5 favourite things to do in Barbados!

Have you noticed that the nights are drawing in, the clocks have gone back and it’s now getting dark by 4:30! Tell me about it! Then there is the threat of a cold winter looming large on the front pages of the newspaper and we all fear that half inch of snow that can bring the whole of the UK to a grinding halt.

The Americans have the snow schedule down pat – they just stay home ‘til the snow plows have been through and it’s safe to venture out! Schools are closed, and the kids are happy, work is closed for the day and everyone is happy! But no – we English, we venture forth in cars not fit for driving in snow and ice, wearing our best high heels (fashion before safety – always!) and we sit in a queue and curse the fact that we got out of bed!

But I am getting side tracked……the changing of the seasons has led my mind down the track of THE END OF TERM!!! I am not exactly counting the days – but hey! And thoughts lead not to Christmas (don’t do it!) but to some winter sun – and I have the perfect place…..BARBADOS!

So mytop5of everything thought for the week – go to BARBADOS and yes, before you all scream – where? How expensive?! YES! You can afford it! Now I could give you the best top 5 tips ever – go to the beach, go to the beach, go to the beach, go to the beach and finally go to the beach,

but I don’t think you would find that terribly interesting so here are my top 5 favourite things to do and yes you must go to the beach:

  1. Eating out on St Lawrence Gap

  2. Visit Bridgetown

  3. Stay by the pool

  4. Go to the beach

  5. Sunsets

1. Eating out on St Lawrence Gap: St Lawrence is on the south coast and has a reputation as being a party place and yes there are clubs and yes, I suspect that late at night and early morning it’s the place to be, but for those of us who like to see the sunrise AFTER a night’s sleep and are usually tucked up in bed by 11, there is still much to see and do. The restaurants vary from the cheap (and delicious street food) to the very expensive and everything in between.

Mr B and I are particularly fond of Café Sol especially at happy hour when drinks are two for the price of one! The Mexican food is tasty and filling and the walk back to our hotel (Time Out at the Gap) helps the food to settle.

But one place you have to visit – Oistins on a Friday night! It is amazing – buzzing with people and noise and music and dancing and eating street food from the shacks – it is an experience not to be missed and we go every time we visit the island.

2. Visit Bridgetown: The capital of Barbados is well worth a visit. The shops include many duty-free shops that cater for the passengers off the cruise ships (try to avoid visiting Bridgetown on a ship in port day!) there is a local food market, there are bars, especially around the harbour which is a great place to have lunch. Some of the bars have live jazz music too.

3. Stay by the pool: The hotel we stay at (Time out at the Gap) maybe a little on the basic side, but the rooms are clean, and the beds are comfortable with air conditioning in the rooms which makes sleep possible. The staff are wonderful and welcoming, and we love it – besides – it’s well-priced and allows us the luxury of being there at all. Ok so you can’t see the sea – but it’s less than 100yrd walk away! And for a sea-view you can triple the price, so why would you?! And the pool area is secluded and safe and beautiful.

4. Go to The Beach: here it is, and this is why you come to Barbados – the beach –

Dover Beach is stunningly beautiful. The sea is warm and clear. There’s always a couple of beds and an umbrella to be had even in high season and there is nowhere on earth that is better for a late afternoon stroll along the shore line just as the sun is setting…….

5. Sunsets: stunning colours and a most amazing way the end a beautiful day – maybe off to Café Sol for some rum punch (x2) and some good food with Mr B. Heavenly

So check out the hotel – check out the flights and go to Barbados for some winter sun and escape the winter blues and the snow – if only for ten days!

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