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Blog 4: September

There are so many things to love about the month of September and here are my top 5:

1. The changing landscape and the autumn leaves

2. New wardrobe

3. Log fires

4. New term

5. Strictly is back!

September has always been a favourite month for so many reasons, and even though it means that summer is coming to an end and winter is fast approaching, for me it is a “new” time of the year; new term, new wardrobe of autumnal coloured clothing and a new series of Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday nights! Add to that the beauty of the countryside around our home, the night’s drawing in and the need for a log fire – cosy and warm – what could be better. All of these things add up to a very special month. And I hope you will indulge me while I wax-lyrical about the top 5 things I love most about SEPTEMBER.

1. The changing landscape and the autumn leaves: I don’t know about you but I love the changing colours of autumn leaves. On a gin-clear blue-sky day there is nothing more magnificent than a tree arrayed in all its glorious colours. I love the chill in the air in the evening that smells of autumn and the first night that you can see your breath in the air is magical. I love kicking up piles of leaves, pretending to be 5 years old again (or better still, borrowing a grandchild and going on a walk and being 5 years old with them – no excuses!) It is a beautiful time of year, a fleeting period of colour and light before the trees are bare and grey and the days are short. Let’s make the most of them while they last.

2. New wardrobe: Autumn can be a tricky month to dress correctly, with the changing climate in England and all four seasons in one day (potentially!) but layering helps I find. Now, please don’t take my words as a sign of style, elegance or fashion sense on my part – I know what suits me and what I like to wear - but that’s it! Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m a navy/grey person, but I do like to ring the changes about this time of the year with the odd green, orange and brown and I love a soft cashmere sweater on a chilly autumn day. I think a couple of pairs of knitted, ribbed tights and a cord skirt look wonderful teamed with a white T-shirt and a cosy cardigan – my go-to outfit, especially as the weather cools down.

3. Log fires: We have two log burning stoves (greedy I know – but I do have a friend with 4 open fires in her house!) and I would not be without them. There is nothing more comforting when thoughts of approaching winter creep into your mind, than thoughts of a warm, welcoming wood fire. The stove in the dining room is especially atmospheric when we have friends round for dinner; good food, candles, wine and a fire make it an evening to savour. The fire in the lounge – oh yes - Saturday afternoon, fire going, rugby on the TV and a Times newspaper to read – sounds like my kind of weekend. And then we do have Mr B. to thank for all the logs and sticks he collects throughout the year to form a large wood stack for burning time; September onwards – Good Man!

4. New term: and this year – a new job!!! A whole year in one university! Can’t wait. I love teaching and the excitement of meeting a new group of students, helping them to learn and develop and seeing them achieve their goals, pass their exams and progress to the next level of their studies. And a new term means a new pencil case (I know! But it’s the 5-year-old in me, emerging again!) and a new set of pens and highlighters and a new RED PEN for marking! I do tend to get excited in the stationery aisle of WH Smiths and often have to be restrained in my purchases. I wish we had a “Paperchase” but Mr B. is glad that we don’t!!

5. Strictly is back! Oh yes!!!! We have watched the opening show (Mr B. watches under sufferance, but I think he secretly enjoys watching too!) and have seen all the new contestants and mulled over the partnerships that have been chosen and made some (uneducated) guesses as to who might win this series. Now we must wait for September 23rd – this Saturday - to watch them dance and I cannot wait! I am so excited (and so are some of my friends, especially the ones I watched the opening night with and will probably watch the final with too!) Saturday night socialising has to be booked in advance! The sky box has “series record” already programmed in. The on-line ticket draw has been filled in via The sparkly dress is hanging in the wardrobe waiting! Did I tell you I am excited?!

So, there are mytop5 - best things about the month of September – what do you like best about this special month – email me and let me know – or follow me on Instagram and let me know what you think. Look forward to hearing from you!

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