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Blog 1: Road trip June 2017

Many people have taken road trips and to be honest this is not my first one; but this one was special for many reason, not least because it sparked the idea of a blog. Not a travel blog but a life blog, my life! To quote – “I am arrogant enough to think I have something to say and naïve enough to think someone will read it!” and so my blog was born and I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Any road trip needs 5 main ingredients in my humble opinion and not in any particular order:

  • A map

  • Great company

  • On board refreshments

  • A place to stay

  • A fabulous destination

Our trip had all 5.

Our road trip begins in June 2017, in Massachusetts, New England – me, my husband (Mr. B) and my best friend (BFF) set off to visit my best friend’s sister (and my dear friend) in Georgia

  • MAPS: First thing you need is a map! Are you a map map person or a google map person? I prefer the old-fashioned paper thing myself, makes me feel secure! Then I do tend to back it up with google for extra security – never can be too careful. Now the technical bit and the route:

DAY 1: 560 miles

Interstate 495N for a short time, then onto Interstate 90W and miles later, onto Interstate 84 which took us through Massachusetts, Connecticut, across into New York State, and down into Pennsylvania where we joined Interstate 81S. This highway went into Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia. We stopped in Harrisonburg Va. Overnight after a well-deserved meal at Cracker Barrel.

DAY 2: 545 miles

After a hearty breakfast, we were back on Interstate 81S and just before North Carolina onto Interstate 77S and into South Carolina. For a short time, we drove on Interstate 26S then back onto Interstate 495 and into Georgia!! And almost there

  • TRAVEL COMPANIONS: For a trip of this length you must have good travelling companions and although I am biased (slightly) I had the best – Mr. B and BFF – who could ask for more. My BFF and I shared the driving – Mr.B left his UK driving license at home! Yes – I know! Tell me about it! BFF and I drove in 2-3 hour shifts or as long as the caffeine fix lasted towards the end of the day, and when we weren’t driving we were chatting and laughing and taking pictures of the passing scenery and singing along to country music. I am new to this genre but am becoming addicted to Rascal Flatts! Wikipedia tells me “Rascal Flatts is an American country music trio formed in Columbus, Ohio in 1999. It is composed of Gary LeVox, his second cousin Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney”.

  • ON BOARD REFRESHMENTS: You will find that these vary according to the age of the car party, the length of the trip and the time of year. We are all over 50, it was hot and humid most of the time, so we are talking sensible here – water, gum, mints and the occasional muffin (gotta keep the sugar levels up) but the most important, especially for the drivers, is COFFEE! So, what is about ordering a coffee in the US. In England, its easy – “White coffee please” – done. But not in America! “Do you want hot or ice? Skinny, decaf, soya? One shot or two? Then there’s the variety of cup sizes from large to humungous and please – what is “extra wet” when it’s at home?! Surely a coffee is already wet by its very nature!

  • A PLACE TO STAY: Don’t you just love a front porch?

The house was equally as quaint and – well – southern and very different from the style of houses in New England. I am a great fan of American style houses, inside and out. Yes, I know they are made of wood and one strong breeze (or a hurricane in the case of Savannah) and it’s all gone like in the story of the Three Little Pigs. But American house have a certain something about them that I have just fallen in love with (and the space is “awesome”! sorry had to put that in!) Our house and our hosts were stylish and full of charm and most of all welcoming. The house was spacious; BFF stayed in the front bedroom and Mr. B and I, we stayed in the converted garage which is now a wonderful apartment. And a great deal of fun and laughter (and Gin) was had by all!

  • SAVANNAH: A beautiful, old and historic city (by American standards) (Photos) We all (Y’all!) took a trolley bus ride which was refreshing given the heat, and great for taking pictures. The first driver gave us a running commentary which was almost impossible to understand, his accent was so southern. “You getting any of this?” asked Mr. B – I shook my head. “Nope!” but after a short walk we got back on the bus and the second driver, Shelley, was much easier to understand. You must visit River Street, the SCAD shop, the cafes, the historic squares with all the beautiful Georgian and Victorian House. It’s a city you can walk in and feel safe. The Spanish moss dripping from the huge oak trees, the branches of which cover over the streets, are stunning and remind you of olden days and – yes – Gone with the Wind! We didn’t get a chance to visit an old plantation house as most of them in Georgia were destroyed in the Civil War (or as it was described “northern aggression war!”) so that’s on my bucket list for the next trip along with a couple places we saw on road signs along the way – Gettysburg and Washington DC.

So when will be the next road trip – who knows but I am definitely up for another one!​

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